Who Am I?

I am a long-suffering webmaster and I obtained my first website in 2002 and I have been adding to that number ever since. I think at the last count I had a total of seventeen that cover all sorts of topics.

I have never been formally trained as regards coding or design but like a lot of fellow sufferers out there I am (usually!) smart enough to make a lot of things work. Sometimes that is easy and sometimes it is not.

Triquetra Design is partly my attempt to share some of the trials and tribulations I undergo in the name of being a webmaster.

Hopefully this site will end up with a lot of hints and tips or info that will help guide you in the right direction. What to do or what not to do! Nobody gets it right every time – I’ve had my fair share of disasters over the years.¬†Fortunately I have also had my fair share of successes.

In addition I have the misfortune to be what is known as an “early adopter” and that has led to all sorts of fun and games. This is where the other part of Triquetra Design comes into play. Anytime I have to curse at something technological to make it do what I want I will share my success or failure. Whichever is appropriate.