OneDrive Icons Missing From The System Tray

OneDrive Icons Missing

OneDrive icons missing from the system tray may not be a big deal for many, but it is for me. Over the last few months every time OneDrive is updated the icons just disappear and yet my online account shows that everything is still being synced.

I don’t use OneDrive Personal very much but I do use OneDrive Business multiple times a day. The reason being that the business version is encrypted by default and personal is not. If I remember correctly, the only way OneDrive Personal can be encrypted is for you to encrypt the files prior to upload.

Security and privacy is crucial to the way I run my business and even if everything is still being synced those icons show what is going on.


Has OneDrive Itself Disappeared?

No, it hasn’t thank goodness but it does seem like it. The first time it happened to me I thought I had lost a lot of important documents and was not a happy bunny!

I wish Microsoft would get their act together and fix some of these stupid niggling problems rather than simply letting it into the wild for you and I to sort out. I would have thought they were making enough money by now to afford the staff needed.


There Is a Fix For the Missing OneDrive Icons

The fix is actually really simple but fiddly to get to where you need to be. Fortunately there is a shortcut!

Simply copy this text:


Run Dialogue - OneDrive Icons MissingOnce you have done that press the “Win + R” keys and the “Run” dialogue box will open.

Paste the copied text to the right of where it says “Open.”

Click “OK.”

This will take you to a newly opened window and you will see two files:

  1. OneDriveSetup
  2. update

Double click on “OneDriveSetup” (your folder may show OneDriveSetup.exe – it depends how your folders are set up) and a new box will open up that tells you that “Microsoft OneDriveSetup” is “Preparing OneDrive for first use.”

It’s not first use of course, but apparently OneDrive is the equivalent of the village idiot. When it has finished running, which may take several minutes, your missing OneDrive icons aka fluffy clouds will be back where they belong.

You will only need to run this once to get both the personal and business OneDrive clouds back. Of course until Microsoft gets with the program you will probably need to rerun setup whenever there is an update.

Incidentally, I did not have to sign in again, but be aware that you may have to!


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