Duplicate Outlook Notifications From the Action Center – UPDATE

Duplicate Outlook Notifications – See Update at End of Article

Recently I have been getting duplicate Outlook notifications from the Windows 10 action center. They are not being listed twice but I am getting the slide-out notifications of a new email multiple times for the same message. Sometimes this will be hours later. Quite frankly it became quite irritating as I run a small business and I get dozens of emails a day. Add in the personal emails from various companies and it was a real pain.


Investigating the Problem

Notifications are controlled from “Settings.” It is there that you will find a list of apps that are allowed (or otherwise) to send you notifications through the Action Center.

If you’re not sure how to get to those then do this:

  • Click on your “Start” button.
  • Look for the icon shaped like a cog and click on it.
  • A window will open.
  • Look for “System” and click on it.
  • The window will change.
  • Look in the left hand menu for “Notifications & Actions” and click it.
  • You are now in the right place.


Considering the Possibilities

If you scroll down you will see a section that says “Get notifications from these senders.” I found Outlook and it was set to send notifications which is how I had set it up initially.

I rarely have my sound turned on nowadays when browsing as there are far too many websites out there who think it is alright to assail me with audio the moment I get to their page. It is not.

In other words I don’t hear the ding that Outlook makes from the system tray when an envelope icon appears. As the icon disappears quite quickly it is easy to miss the fact there is new email. The slide-out notification is hard to miss.

I really wanted to keep the notifications but I didn’t want multiples and consequently was considering whether to turn them off for Outlook or not. It was then that I noticed further up the screen that “Mail” was also turned on.

Now that was a little weird because I know that I had set Mail to off when I tried it and was completely underwhelmed. As well as being seriously annoyed when Microsoft’s flagship Windows 10 Mail app refused to print anything with graphics. That’s another story and there’s a huge thread in Microsoft’s forum on it and it is yet to be fixed. It’s been left to rot for years now.


The Fix

I set Mail to off and left Outlook set to on and exited the settings screen.

At the risk of tempting fate… Eureka! 36 hours now and no duplicate Outlook notifications from the Windows 10 action center.

It seems absurd that a different app to Outlook should be causing an issue with Outlook but it seemed that way, for me at least, as it worked.


I Spoke too Soon!

When I wrote this article I had gone 36 hours without a duplication issue. It seems I spoke too soon as today (72 hours later) I started getting duplicates again.

For the time being I see no alternative to simply turning Outlook notifications off as well as Mail. Provided you have “Play a Sound” etc turned on within Outlook itself you will still get the system tray envelope and its accompanying WAV to indicate arrival.

This is one of those stupid, niggling, errors that Microsoft so rarely seems to fix. If I get any further info I will update this post again.


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