Limited Time Deal From MyThemeShop

Limited Time Deal From MyThemeShop – Crazy Savings!

Crazy savings on a limited time deal from MyThemeShop I said and I meant it! For those of you who are not aware I use MyThemeShop’s themes and plugins on nearly all my WordPress sites.

They have a fine selection of themes for almost every purpose and a great variety of plugins. Whereas you can use the free themes and plugins (and they are supported) the real benefit comes from the extended membership option that gives you access to everything they have. Yes, you can buy a single theme or plugin but the membership is a much better option for anyone who has multiple sites like I do. The extended membership is what I have.

Usually, this membership is a one-time fee of $228 followed by a monthly subscription. But right now and for a limited time only $99.47. That’s right – $99.47!!! That’s one heck of a discount!

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