Where is Control Panel in Windows 10?

Where Is Control Panel In Windows 10?Where is control panel in Windows 10? There were rumors that it was going to disappear completely and at first glance you may think that it has done exactly that.

Like a lot of other people I like to tinker with my operating system settings so that I can get it as close to what I want rather than what someone else thinks I should have. Some of the settings can be found with the new settings option but not all.

Well, it is still there, but it takes a bit of digging out and Microsoft has not made it easy. Eventually it may well disappear completely of course, but for now at least it is still there.

The simplest way to find it is to use the “Search the web and Windows” option on the task bar. When I did this I had not set up Cortana and it went into the Cortana set up routine as soon as I clicked in the search text area. If that happens to you then simply start typing and it will revert to search.

Anyway, type “Control Panel” and you will see it appear as one of the responses. If all you want to do is go to it then simply click on the response. If you want to have it readily accessible in the future however, then right click on it and choose “Pin to Start.” It will then be added to a new as yet unnamed group at the bottom of the start menu panel. If you wish you can leave it there as a new shortcuts group or you can drag it to an existing group.


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